Code of Ethics

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Admittance into EPA membership shall be in accordance with the eligibility criteria outlined in the procedures, rules, and regulations of the alliance.

As a minimum, one must fulfill the following conditions as outlined in the code of ethics below.


We shall Have  passion and professional mindset to deliver service, quality, excellence in the events industry

We shall maintain high standards of business ethics and personal integrity

We shall apply industry acceptable ethical principle in the daily performance of job responsibility

We shall recruit and select suitable staff and provide training and fair wages

We shall promise only what is deliverable and engage with all stakeholders and involve the local community

We shall Protect clients by acting only legally and discipline an employee who violates standards

We shall keep only acceptable standards of health, safety and security and host events that are safe and environmentally friendly

We shall Ensure top-notch quality events and keep contractual obligations and consult with experts where needed

We shall be Fair to fellow event planner members by offering suppliers rate whenever you work together

We shall Strive to raise organizational credibility and honor social responsibility, forge the ethical industry network.

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