Certificate in Event Planning and Management - Event Planners Alliance

Certificate in Event Planning and Management

25 weeks
19 lessons
0 quiz
70 students


  • High school Certificate


  • At the end of the course-: The participants will be able to: Schedule and plan for an event effectively
  • Troubleshoot event plans to identify potential problem areas before they emerge
  • Adopt the appropriate protocols
  • Understand events budgeting and costs management
  • Understand event safety practices and regulations
  • Ensure adoption of effective communication channels and techniques in events.
  • Understand post-event management requirements

Target audiences

  • This Training is relevant to people who have completed high school and want to venture into the industry
  • It is also ideal for managers or any individuals who have responsibility for the delivery of events for their organization
  • Ideal for Event Company owners who want to possess a certificate in Event Management

Gain the fundamental knowledge and skills required to jump-start your career in Event Planning and Management.

Event management is a highly sought after skill in a variety of professions, including marketing and administration, entrepreneurs and other people who are in the industry.

Complete your course and Receive a Certificate in Event Management and Planning

Our certification is Globally recognized and verifiable 

You will get a Certified Certificate of completion
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You can Learn at your own pace but the course should not take more than 2 months
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