Event Planners Membership overview


This verified GOLD badge With 5 Stars, shows that the organization holding it has been certified by Event Planners Alliance.

It means that the company has complied with the Club Rules of Engagement and adhere to Clubs Code of Ethics.


Event planners in USA

The event planning landscape is competitive, with countless new companies getting into the mix each year.

For This reason, it requires one to differentiate themselves from the competition.

EPA has come up with the industry-specific certification program that will differentiate the Event expert from the brokers mushrooming from every corner.

Rather than an unscreened listing of advertisers, our membership is based on the members who agree to the following:

  • Adapt our Code of Ethics for Event Planners

  • Use The GOLD badge on their social media and website and link it back to your listing on this website

  • Pay the yearly certification membership fee of $49 (Check offer)

The GOLD badge is globally recognized and acknowledges a high level of expertise, skills, knowledge, and commitment.


    1. Start by registering as a new user on our website – Login Back or Continue to Dashboard to Add a listing

    2. Add Title: Can either be your company name or anything you want to be refereed by

    3. Paragraph: Add company Details or description ( up to 300 Words)

    4. Category: Select your industry category from the drop-down list

    5. Address:- I.e This will reflect on the map below

    6. Location:-  Choose the STATE your company is located in – Location

    7. Zip Code:-  you can enter if it’s known

    8. Phone:  Your company Telephone number

    9. Email:- Company Email address

    10. Website: If you have any website add it here,

    11. Social Media: You can add all the social media handles of your company

    12. Images: Add up to 6 professional images of your work

    13. Video URL: Only YouTube & Vimeo URLs

GOLD Badge Certified for $49 Per year (See offer)

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Code of Ethics 

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