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Why Belong to Event planners Alliance?


Guarantee Visibility

Your business will become relevant online though this website. Your company will grow as your customer reach will expand.

Gold certified

By creating your profile and accepting our Code of Ethics, You automatically receive Gold badge certification. Nationally accepted, independent verification of planners.

Use the Gold badge on your website and marketing materials link it back to your profile here for verification.

Expand your network

our goal is to bring together over 40K +  clients from every corner of this world looking to hire a certified Event expert in your area.

Connect with specialists

Event Planners Alliance holds the Planners Conference that gathers thousands of planners under one roof. You can build a network that stretches across the country or region.

Connect Locally

Engage with planners from your local area and from disciplines you care about. Discuss experiences, face challenges, and possibly land your next job. Event Planners Alliance will help you create a local cluster for networking.

Comprehensive company profile

When you Fill in all the questions on the listing page, it automatically creates a comprehensive company profile that you can refer your prospective clients. Your company profile gives the business an opportunity to inform the market what your business is about and what you’re offering may help them. This is the businesses unique selling point.

Advance your knowledge

Get a boost from our Training Center. It’s a powerhouse of Event related courses for event planners, upcoming planners and job seekers.

Variety of Legal sample Contracts

All members can access sample templates eg contracts, and many other important templates they can easily use as needed for their business all for free of charge.

Value-added services

Members will receive discounts with our partners for products and services. Receive value-added services like no other.