Vendor Application Process

Certified event planner seal


The event planning landscape is competitive, with countless new companies getting into the mix each year.

For This reason, it requires one to differentiate themselves from the competition.


  • This seal is a prove that, the Event company is fully certified by EPA

  • It means the company complies with the Vendors Best Practice – The code of Ethics

  • It allows you to place your full company profile on this website

  •  The industry-specific certification program  differentiate the Event expert from the brokers mushrooming from every corner.

  • It means that your company can use the seal on all your social media and marketing sites and documents

  • The GOLD badge is globally recognized and acknowledges a high level of expertise, skills, knowledge, and commitment.


To create a  comprehensive profile that will attract clients the following information will be required when you fill in the application form online.


  • Register as a new user on our website – User details will be sent to your email

  • log-in back and click new listing or add new company

Business Information  

  • Company introduction –  approx. 400 words

  • List of Services offered

  • Category of services – choose from the list

Company Contacts details 

  • Telephone numbers, Emails, Website, Social media handles

Company Location  

  • Company Address – For google map

  • Country and City

Other Details Required 

  • Number of Events handled per year

  • Area of Expertise

  • Any major project highlights

  • Available certifications eg registrations, Accreditations,

  • Any Honors and awards

  • Owners professional qualifications

  • Any CSR activities or community involvement

  • Any professional memberships

Remember the more your profile is complete the better you will attract prospective clients.

Yearly Membership fee is $ 49.95 (offer)