Vendor Application Process


The event planning landscape is competitive, with countless new companies getting into the mix each year.

For This reason, it requires one to differentiate themselves from the competition.


1. Click Add Listing

Having a listing profile on this site means your business will appear more frequently than perhaps your website will. Increased brand  visibility is guaranteedBe sure to include as much information as possible.

2. Log in or Register a new Account.

If you are new on this website, you will need to become a member by creating a user account. If you have an account, log in back to continue with application or to edit your existing profile 

3. Fill All the Question on the Form

You should fill up both mandatory and optional attributes to ensure your listings are of the highest quality. Make sure you fill out all the information you can, including photos, menu items, descriptions and service lines. This Makes your post popular on Google searches 

4. Submit for Review

Once you have filled in all the required information, the website will allow you to submit your application. It will not be published immediately as it has to go though steps of verification by the administrator. Once approved it will be available to the public and you will be notified. 

5. Pay The yearly Fee

What a great way to have a certified Event Business? This yearly fee will guarantee you to enjoy all the Benefits this site can offer.  Take advantage of our Membership offer of $39.99 (Normal fee is $50) 

6. Download the Gold Badge

This is a symbol of accomplishment, and is meant to be seen by prospective clients.
The Verified Badge confirms to your customers that you are a true and trusted company and you can use the Badge on all your business profiles and social media Handles. This will increase the trust to all your current and future clients. 

7. Welcome on board. You are now a Verified Event Planner

With a Business Profile on EPA, Your customers will see and hire your services.

Your profile comprises of live Google Maps, Contact Details,  business category, and related tags. Business details, accreditations and experience. 

 Your comprehensive profile confirms to your clients that you are a reputable business. 

Your presence through your Business Profile can help customers discover the products and services that you provide, contact you, and find your location.

8. Get Certificate in Event Management

We will send you a (Verified Event Planner Certificate ). You can print to place in your office area. You will have access to our refresher courses in Event Management courses. 


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