5 easy ways to make your online listing more attractive

5 easy ways to make your online listing more attractive

You may have reached here because you just created a listing on Event planners club and you are not sure if your profile is good enough.

To receive better responses from prospective clients your listings must be attractive enough to convince customers to book your event services.

This requires trust, which you can build by having complete listings of your profile.

Here are 5 simple tips and tricks on how to make your listings look great and attractive and popular to clients looking for event planners:

  1. Your 1st Image should be your Company logo

  2. Upload at least 3-5 clear images. The first impression about you and your listing is determined by the images you use.

  3. Write an attractive description/Introduction but remember this:-

  • Buyers do not want to read an essay or your autobiography. They want to know specifics about your services.

  • Remember the reason they are there in the first place is because of convenience. You want your listing to be convenient for them in every way.

  • Include item specifics, images, reassurance, and a description that is straight to the point, without veering off into irrelevant information.

  • Writing a complete, and welcoming description allow your listing to be more appealing, engaging and it increases the chance of receiving inquiries.

  • At least work with about 200-400 words count. You can list your services and if possible prices, and any other important information you think will attract customers. You can check other listed planners and how they have delivered their profiles online. Check this company profile 

  1. Complete all the information on your listings. Contact details, website address, social media links- if you don’t have the website you can list your Facebook page address, Location pointer – make sure it on the right position.

  2. Make your profile look trustworthy. As with any online marketing, customers want to be sure that they’re engaging something that’s legitimate. Having a profile that’s real, and reliably helps generate trust. The more information you include, the higher the chance someone will book your services.

      5. Other aspects of being listed at Event planners Club/alliance website

There are many other aspects of being on our platform, some of which I will address in future articles. In conclusion, I have listed a few more helpful tips to consider.

  • Be courteous to your customers.

  • Reply to all inquiries in a prompt fashion

  • Be polite when responding to or messaging other members and prospects

  • Study other successful event planners profiles. This you will determine by the number of views listed on their profiles

  • Adhere to event planners club ethics and standards to avoid bad reputation and feedback

  • Pay your yearly fee immediately after you have completed our profile listing 

Have you paid the listing fee? If not please follow the instructions to clear the yearly subscription for your profile to go online and visible

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