Event Planning Certifications

Event Planning Certifications Event Professionals must familiarize themselves with

Do you want to set your event company from your peers? Find out the top 10 event planning certification you can get.

What is the difference between a certification and a certificate?

When you enroll in a college for an event management course, you will earn a document when you successfully complete that educational program with a series of courses and objectives. Certification on the other hand is given to Event planners and managers by passing certification exams and meeting other requirements determined by the accrediting or third-party organization that set industry standards of certification. For any event planner to earn Certification, it demands both breadth and depth of professional knowledge. This means that to apply for certification you need to have some experience for this reason; you need to already have some experience in the event management field

Can I be an event planner without a certificate or certification?

One day, I posted about event planners certification in a WhatsApp group and one ignorant person asked commented that “This is just a piece of paper; I have enough experience beyond that piece of paper” One thing you need to know is, Yes you need Certification in order to excel in the industry. The event planners certification program isn’t just acquiring a piece of paper with a name on it, Event planners certification is a highly valued certification that makes you and your company maintain a high level of knowledge and skills and makes your potential customers understand that you are committed to mastering the best skills there is in the event planning industry

What Ethical problems are we facing in the Event management industry?

A major problem is the lack of professionalism in the events industry. That is why embracing licensing and certification of event management employees and companies is critical. This kind of important certification should be offered by an appropriate third-party body as discussed below.

Event planner certifications will help you level up your event planning business.

1. Event Planners Alliance (EPA) Issued by BACC Inc. An international Company based in the USA with a mission to Promote Professionalism, Ethics & Excellence. It recognizes special event professionals by testing their knowledge, expertise, and ability to produce special events. This global Certification aims to increase the effectiveness and quality of services offered by EPA members to their customers.

2. CSEP: Certified special events professional Issued by the International Live Event Association (ILEA —to get this certification, event planners must take an exam.

3. CMP: Certified meeting professional It was formed with a mission to enhance the knowledge and performance of meeting professionals, promote the status and credibility of the meeting profession and advance uniform standards of practice.

4. CMM: Certificate in meeting management Issued by Meeting Professionals International (MPI) and currently administered by Indiana University faculty, This Certification is reserved for management-level meeting and event planners.

5. VEMM: Virtual event & meeting management Issued by the Event Leadership Institute (ELI) Certification involves course work in order to broaden event management knowledge in virtual space

6. DES: Digital event strategist Issued by the PCMA Digital Experience Institute will help event planners earn global recognition as business event professionals in a digital-first world.

7. EDA: Event data analysis certificate Certification that helps professionals modernizes their event management skills by teaching methods of collecting and creating insights from event data.

8. SEPC: Sustainable event professional Presented by EIC is a new effort to help event professionals increase the sustainability and positive social impact of their events.

9. IES: Inclusive event strategist Issued by MPI ensures that event planners always have inclusivity for attendees top of their minds when it comes to event design and execution.

10. ECC: Event crisis communications designation It teaches event managers how to effectively communicate, coordinate emergency response, and determine the future of an event if a crisis strikes.

Do you have a certification body and would like to be added to this list? Please send to info@eventplannersalliance.com

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