Reasons Why a Professional Event Planner is the Key to success of your event

Are you getting married, are you holding a conference in your city, are you planning to hold a launch of a product for your company or may be planning a major exhibition. Well your reason for organizing an event could be the above or other reasons, but believe me the need to have a verified event planner will remain constant.

A verified event planner means that you are hiring someone who is able to handle your event in a professional manner. This person should have the knowledge and know-how of:-

  1. Saving you time and money – Have you ever tried to work with an event manager who is new in the industry and yet they have not committed themselves to gain the fundamental knowledge of event planning? This can be disastrous event. But A verified event planner has a database of connections and network in the industry. They will negotiate rates for you and get best deals in the market. This saves you time and money
  2. Can Help You Stay within the Event Budget- The kind of advices you will get from a verified event planner is priceless. They can give you a memorable event within your budget. Try and ask a wannabe to do that for you! They will accept everything you suggest even if it cost too much; they don’t have the know-how in budgets. You will end up spending too much for your event.
  3. Out of the box Event Ideas & Tailored Solutions – A verified event planner is someone who has been in business for a considerable time. They have gained enough experience to come up with great event layouts that will leave everyone wowed. They bring out your inspirations in to real well proven themes. You can never go wrong with a certified event planner
  4. High-tech Technical Support Only an professional event manager can be able to understand the importance of technology in event planning process. Having used the technology in many events they are well aware that it help to enhance the experience of attendees. Technology makes the work of an event manager easier and allows them to focus on the main parts of an event.  Hire a professional who has a knowhow  of events technology.
  5. Planning for Contingencies and Risk Management. The best part of hiring a verified and professional event manager is the fact that they understand the importance of backup plans. A lot can go wrong during events. A professional event planner always has contingency plans in place to mitigate the event risks
  6. Smooth Execution on the Event Day – A professional and verified event planner will not bother his or her client with issues that crop up here and there, They make sure that the event runs smooth without worrying the client

I have been in the industry for more than 15 years and I know for sure that the Event planning landscape is competitive, with countless new companies getting into the mix each year. I have tried my best to differentiate my company from the competition by acquiring different accreditations and certifications for the industry which has increased my company brand visibility and appears more frequently on Google search.

This is the process Ashley’s Events  took to have our company on EPA Accreditation  Event company accreditation and verification

  1. My Accreditation was done at
  2. As a new user I created a new account. After creating the account, a questionnaire form followed. This is the accreditation form. I fill-up both mandatory and optional attributes to ensure my listings are of the highest quality. I made sure I filled out all the information, including photos, menu items, descriptions and service lines. This made my post popular on Google searches.
  3. I submitted the filled up form for Review – It was not published immediately as it had to go through steps of verification by the administrator.
  4. Every Accreditation comes with affordable yearly fee of only $50 – such an affordable figure will make my company enjoy all the benefits the accreditation site offers.
  5. Downloaded the Gold Badge: The profile was created and approved and it became live at . I was finally able to download the badge of accreditation. This badge is a symbol of accomplishment, and is meant to be seen by prospective clients. The Verified Badge confirms to my customers that Ashley’s event is true and trusted company. We have used the badge on our business profiles and social media Handles. This increases the trust to all our current and future clients. I have linked back my badge from our website to the accreditation site.
  6. Whenever I get RFP from different organizations we also include the Certificate of Accreditation as part of our experience and professionalism.

As a verified Member of EPA and a business profile activated on Event Planners Alliance website , it means that My company is available to the public view. OUR profile comprises of live Google Maps, Contact Details, business category, and related tags. Business details, accreditations and experience. Our comprehensive profile confirms to our clients that we are a reputable event business and we have received 100s of customers though this profile.

Event planners alliance an accrediting body for all Event planners worldwide can help your event company to have a legitimate accreditation for your event business. Get in touch with EPA and start the process.


Julie Nyaga
Author: Julie Nyaga

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